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The mission of Marketplace Ministries Worldwide is to infuse the Gospel of Jesus Christ into commercial enterprises that empower people around the world to overcome poverty and injustice.  We work to foster smart generosity that leverages solutions and changes the paradigm from dependency to empowerment.  We are followers of Jesus who have committed to share His love and message through business ventures in underdeveloped areas of the world. By creating jobs and a local economy in regions of great scarcity, we endeavor to bring solutions to the problems of poverty, exploitation, and corruption by providing income, opportunity, and ethical practices as part of our holistic mission, using business as our platform.


Our business ventures create opportunities for people to learn new skills that help them to thrive in their community.  We believe in the importance of “incarnational ministry”, the practice of living, working, and doing life together with those we serve. At the core of our mission-through-business practices we foster credibility and trust. We invest in having a local presence, learning the language, living among the people long-term, and embracing their ways as long as the gospel is not compromised.


In 2008, a small group of Christian businessmen came together through a convergence of independent conversations.  They rallied around a passion to use their career experiences to have an impact for the mission of Jesus Christ in regions of severe poverty and spiritual need.  As they prayed and sought council from other Christian leaders, the vision for Marketplace Ministries Worldwide began to emerge.

Today, MMW is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation engaged in establishing commercial enterprises as a platform to join God's redemptive mission to the world.

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