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Dreams, Visions, and Drinking Water

As a teenager in Sierra Leone, Paul Affiong was deeply moved by the message of a Christian evangelist, and the words of Christ in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth, and the life…” At that moment, Paul opened his heart to Jesus, and began a quest for the one true God. Born and raised in a Muslim family, he had never encountered the reality of a loving heavenly father, and his searching culminated with a dream in which the Lord Jesus spoke to him saying, “I am the one true God, follow me.” From that point forward, Paul became a follower of Christ. His Muslim family ostracized him which put him on a path filled with hardship, yet also galvanized in him a strong faith in God. Ask him, and he will tell you stories of supernatural provision and protection from the Lord.

As a hospital chaplain, Paul offers pastoral care

He now serves as a Chaplain for hospitals in Freetown, a city of over 1 million, the largest in Sierra Leone. The city of Freetown was founded on March 11, 1792 by Lieutenant John Clarkson, Black Britons, and free people called the Nova Scotian Settlers, who were transported to Sierra Leone from the Americas. The city of Freetown was a haven for free-born and freed African American, Liberated African and Caribbean settlers; and their descendants are known as the Creole people.

Jeff helps develop leaders in third world contexts

Paul’s life journey has led him into vocational ministry, and as a pastor, his ministry to those who are sick, injured, and in need of healing, provides ample opportunity for him to share the love and power of Jesus Christ. With a vision to empower the Chaplaincy ministry that he leads, in partnership with Olive Branch International, Paul Affiong and OBI board member Jeff Davis (pictured right), are partnering to develop a business plan for a water purification and bottling enterprise. From this venture, funding will be generated to support Paul, his family, and eventually other chaplains. In addition, their local community will gain better access to clean drinking water, sold at fair prices, employing ethical business practices. All this will contribute to a positive witness from a Christian minister serving his local community.

Several of our OBI/MMW donors, who have bought into the Smart Generosity model, will be fundraising at the OC Marathon, They are raising money for the capital investment to purchase the equipment to operate this clean water business. The plan’s pro-forma shows a rapid ramp to profitability and self-sustainability of this mission-through-business model.


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