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Clean Water Gushes in Rapale

After testing for an adequate water table, and verifying the depth and reliability of year round water at the site, a drilling crew bores the hole for a well. The site for this new clean water well is located on the grounds of a primary school in Rapale, where we have been distributing eggs to the children for over 3 years.

In Mozambique, 52% of the population are living below the poverty line. 60% of the nations residents do not have access to clean water, and the use of contaminated water drastically increases the rates of cholera and diarrhea. This is especially devastating to children.

Every person needs a sustainable supply of clean water: for drinking, washing, cooking and cleaning. This new well in Rapale will provide clean drinking water to the school and surrounding community. The benefits of clean water for life, health, hygiene, and sanitation are basic and profound.

We are very excited and appreciative of our donors for helping us to provide such a significant blessing to those we serve. Thank you!

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