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Eggs and Education in Mozambique

Now that John Wayne is serving as a local church Pastor in Nampula, Mozambique, he has the opportunity to bring his years of experience in the Poultry Business to benefit the congregation and neighbors in their community.  Their plan is to establish a commercial poultry operation, in connection with the church, as a sustainable community co-op chicken farm to help reduce poverty through entrepreneurship. This will also expand the reach of our egg a day program conducted with our partner  The venture will play an essential role as the Kennedys build local Kids Clubs and schools that empower children for generations.

Nutrition is a key ingredient that determines the destiny of a child’s life. The right foods, such as protein rich eggs and other nutrients, are critical and essential to good brain development, muscle and organ growth and a strong immune system to fight sickness and disease. We believe that good health is the foundation for the future of a child’s life.

John Wayne says, "the number one question I love to ask the children at the schools we work with is 'what would you like to be when you grow up.' Wow, I love listening to their replies; 'I want to be a doctor', another kid shouts 'I also want to be a doctor' and a 'policeman' and the boy that hardly says much shouts 'I want to be the boss', which makes all the children laugh and shout 'I want to be the boss too.'"

He continues, "after listening I follow up and ask them why they all want to be the boss and their answers brings me to tears; 'so I can buy all the food in the world for my family to be happy.' When I leave the school I leave with a full heart because I know the eggs and meals we provide daily have the potential to make those dreams a reality. We are changing the foot print of Africa one egg at a time, one child at a time. Thank you to all who help us provide essential protein and meals to 400 children in 4 different kindergarten locations around the provinces of Nampula, as well as the resources to grow our impact in the lives of children between the ages of 3 to 9 years."

In addition to their dedication to children’s health and nutrition, Johnwayne and Tarryn have ventured out to launch an innovative program for early childhood education. They serve children age 4-5 who speak only the local language, Makhuwa, and teach them to speak and understand Portuguese.

Since the national school system in Mozambique is standardized around Portuguese, a significant number of children can be left behind in their learning at school because they don’t understand the teacher’s instructions. This can create a lifelong disadvantage for these kids as they become marginalized for future opportunities.

With instruction in Portuguese, the children will learn from the Bible, sing songs, and do arts and crafts that illustrate the message of the Gospel. Nutritious meals are aldo provided, including egg protein. The benefits for these kids is truly holistic, transforming body, mind, and spirit. Johnwayne and Tarryn are impacting a generation with their incarnational ministry. Who knows what kind of leaders will emerge from these Kids Clubs to someday impact their nation at the highest levels and for the cause of Christ.


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