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Kizigo Corn Mill

Updated: Mar 21, 2018

Creating a Local Economy

We’re excited to announce our newest mission through business enterprise, Kizigo Corn Mill.  This past November, Jeff Davis visited Uganda where he toured the newly built corn milling facility.  Kizigo Corn not only provides good jobs where workers receive fair wages to provide for their families, the business also creates a local economy, purchasing corn from local farmers, and reselling in bulk in the capital city of Kampala and the surrounding marketplace.  This new venture gives us a broad reach to impact an entire village of 2000 people.  It’s a straight forward economic development model which we do to bring the love and message of Christ to people with great material and spiritual need, using a self-sustaining business enterprise as the platform.

Our Partners

Omuto Uganda is a non-profit organization made up of a primary school and safari tour company, founded by Moses Muwanguzi, a Christian national born in Uganda.  He and his wife Dorothy, both orphaned as children, have a passion to make a positive impact by mobilizing their village to ensure that its children are physically, mentally, and spiritually cared for. This vision became a reality with the founding of Emmaus School, in the village of Kizigo, providing K-7 education and proper nutrition for the students, all based on a Christian foundation.  Today, there nearly 600 children attending school at Emmaus, with 22 faculty members, and 6 support staff providing quality education. more about Omuto

Mission through Business

Kizigo Corn provides the region with economic development by monetizing local corn crops, enabling subsistence farmers to become commercial producers. The business will also lower the operating costs at Emmaus School by providing the corn for students’ breakfast and lunch.  This symbiotic relationship between villagers and our mission through business revolves around the school, and creates an amazing opportunity to bless the community.


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