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Omuto means "child"

It's truly exciting to see the vision for our partnership with Omuto Uganda coming together in such a significant way. Moses Muwanguzi has assembled an effective team of leaders and staff who are enthusiastic about their contribution to the betterment of their community of Kizigo.

Not far from Jinja, where the headwaters of the Nile River begin, Emmaus School and Kizigo Corn Mill are shining examples of what can be done when a visionary leader mobilizes willing and energetic local community members to work together for the benefit of their families, their neighbors, and their local economy. Moses will quickly tell you, "God planted a vision in my heart, and I am grateful to Him to see the dream become a reality."

It's amazing to watch the video below, recorded about 2 years ago, and see how the original seed of an idea (at that time called "Divine Corn") is now a fully operational commercial enterprise, propagating a local economy that did not exist in this region before. Kizigo Corn Mill is a tangible demonstration of how a community, empowered with the right resources, can produce a self sustaining enterprise that raises the standard of living, nutrition, health, dignity, and cooperation, which previously just seemed beyond their reach.

Kizigo Corn Mill first began operations Q1 2018


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