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What is Nick doing now in Cambodia?

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

We continually see Nick's heart of compassion compelling her, in this instance, to bring food and diapers to a family with a special needs child.

After 8 years as a Mission through Business in Cambodia, Divine Pizza and Ribs closed last November, due to changed market factors in Phnom Penh - for more background click here. Our manager, Vicheada Chan (goes by "Nick"), has been with us from the beginning, with a heart full of compassion and Christian love. She continually finds ways to serve people in need, and we're investing in her ministry. MMW leadership is committed to see this "woman of peace" empowered to fulfill our shared mission to infuse the Gospel of Jesus Christ into commercial enterprises that empower people around the world to overcome poverty and injustice. That means as we explore potential opportunities for a sustainable enterprise platform for ministry in the future, we will continue to invest in Nick's discipleship. Here is her latest letter:

Hi Bill (Hezmalhalch - MMW Exec Team)

I spent two days with Priya and her Mom at Pursat, and helped her to rent a building, and get some supplies for her grocery store business. The problem with their previous location was that it had no toilet inside. That was a big problem if anyone needed it during the day. Also, there was no clean water for people when they came to the store, only the lake outside, or maybe they could go ask someone down the street who had a well. Since they live at the shop, this is a problem for Nary and Priya. Not having a toilet is very difficult at night time. The landlord had one for public use near her house, but not for the stores.

We found a better location and negotiated a 2 year rental agreement. We also shopped for the merchandise she wants to sell in her grocery store. Hopefully she will have good sales after a month’s time. These things take a little while to get going, and for people to know what she sells. She looks so pleased in her new shop and now has a better quality of life. I took her for dinner in town and she was so happy for herself and the baby. I will take them to church next week.

Best regards,

Run Chanvicheada - Nick

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